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Counselling and Shamanic Healing with
Penny Winestock, M.Sc.


Modern Shamanism and Healing Music

Counselling and Shamanic Healing with Penny Winestock, M.Sc. in Marriage and Family Counselling, Certified Director of Psychodrama

Fusion: Counselling and Shamanic Work

There are times in my work when the purity of a traditional form of healing must be honoured and respected.

Whenever I am asked to do a Soul Recovery and Extraction journey on behalf of a client, I make sure that I observe all of the centuries-old ritual forms, boundaries, and ethics that were taught to me by my teacher.

Similarly, when I respond to a request for counselling sessions, I honour the knowledge and conventions that come from the counselling modalities I’ve studied and practiced, that have arisen in modern times.

Sometimes, depending on the needs of a particular client, a natural ‘fusion’ or blending of these two distinct healing approaches occurs. A counselling session may expand, at the request or agreement of a client, to include a measure of shamanic ritual.

In most SRE journeys, which are traditional in form, the healing information and energy I bring is influenced by my 20th. and 21st. century learning and insights into people’s psyches and relationships.

At all times, I aim to pay sensitive attention to what is needed, when, and by whom.

Music, the Great Healer!

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All genres and musical traditions, all tastes and individual responses, all sounds that remind us of our capacity to soften our cares, to bring compassion to our wounds, to dance and laugh like mad fools, qualify as healing experiences.

I invite you to tune in to some or all of these tracks for subtle but potent uplifting energy from drumming and chanting, composed and recorded in ‘shamanic journey mode’.

Shamanic Music
Chants and Drum Meditations on CD.

Listening to one of these 15 minute tracks can bring palpable reduction in anxiety, fatigue, confusion, or disconnection. They work through rest and receptivity, so no effort is required. Please contact me if you would like to purchase a copy of this CD.

Penny Winestock: Soul Support

Soul Support

Shamanic Healing Chants and Drum Meditations
by Penny Winestock

These compositions use live recordings of a shaman chanting and drumming in 'journey mode' – an altered state that enables the presence of healing guidance to be transmitted through the music, which evokes it in the listener.

1. ProtectionStrength

A potent stimulation of nurturing and vitality

2. PSDrum

A sweet, energetic conversation between feminine and masculine powers in the heartbeat of Protection/Strength

3. JoyBalance

A soothing integration of the states of rest and activity

4. JBDrum

Percussion that lures the soul to enjoy rising and falling, action and quietude through the JoyBalance heartbeat

For pleasure, healing, and personal discovery,
listen while relaxing, meditating, dancing,
practicing other healing arts, drumming or
chanting, alone or in a circle of friends and beloveds.


° Many years experience in both shamanism and counselling

° Combines the best of counselling and shamanic healing

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