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Counselling and Shamanic Healing with
Penny Winestock, M.Sc.


Soul Recovery and Extraction

Counselling and Shamanic Healing with Penny Winestock, M.Sc. in Marriage and Family Counselling, Certified Director of Psychodrama

SR/E Journeys

The Soul Recovery and Extraction journey is an ancient healing method that has been passed down from indigenous shamans and medicine people to their students and apprentices.

The Soul Recovery portion brings you concrete gifts of insight and healing for wounds that restrict your life energy. These gifts, or soul pieces, repair the effects of trauma to your being that have occurred in this lifetime or others. When I report the journey to you, I teach you a simple method of welcoming and working with the healing energy.

Extraction removes blockages and congestion from your entire energy field, including your physical and emotional body. It has the effect of helping to heal old injuries and preventing disease from becoming entrenched.

My ability to do these journeys comes with gratitude to my teacher, Ai Gvdhi Waya (Eileen Nauman), a Cherokee medicine holder. She generously taught and initiated healers like me, who were not born into the culture, to tap the power of this ancient and beautiful method.

I studied and trained with her in Arizona in the late 90s, and have since done hundreds of journeys - in-person for those living in or near Toronto; long-distance and reported by phone and email for people world wide.

For further perspectives and details about SR/E, go to www.soulrecovery.net

For testimonials from SR/E clients, click here.

To Book a Journey:

Long Distance:

1. Click Contact Penny and send me an email or voicemail message about your interest in a journey

2. I will contact you to set up a phone time when I can answer your initial questions about the process and book a time when I can report your journey.

3. Call me at the appointed time and I will report the journey in a 1-hour phone session. Ill also send you a copy of the report by email.

4. Included is your option of booking two additional 1/2 hour phone consultations with me in the weeks following the journey, if youd like to process its effects.

In Person:

1. Click Contact Penny to email or phone me.

2. Ill connect with you to answer your initial questions and book a 2-hour session in my healing room. Youll experience the ritual elements of the journey - the sound of the drumming, scent of the sage - and hear about the journey as soon as it ends.

3. Included is the option of booking two additional 1/2 hour phone consultations with me in the weeks following the journey if youd like support with integration.

Long Distance and In-Person Journeys are equally effective.


° Long-time practitioner in the Cherokee Tradition of Soul Retrieval and Extraction

° Ancient healing ritual with powerful medicine

° Touches and heals the centre of your being

° Long distance healing sessions available

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